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Accent Walls – Why You Need Soothing Living Spaces?

Key Takeaways:

  • Accent walls, aka feature walls, are a popular wall renovation style.
  • One can use paint, textures, or almost any art & craft material to create an accent.
  • A painting project can boost curb appeal by 55% & interiors valuation by 107%.
  • These walls are ideal for opulent interiors on a budget.
  • Noble Painting offers exceptional painting services in Boulder, CO.

Believe it or not, accent walls are still pretty popular in the decorating, renovation, and remodeling sectors. They will never go out of style because of the versatility & variety they offer!

It’s a class of aesthetics worth aspiring to, especially if you are a homeowner seeking to boost your home’s curb appeal or listing value on the market. If not, your home can do with a bit of TLC & touch-me-up!

What Is an Accent Wall?

While it’s not like a British aristocrat is musing in your living or bedroom, if you were to get such a feature wall, the exuding exquisiteness of it all would be akin to one.

These are walls, but not just any walls! They are background centerpieces if you nail them right. Simply put, accent walls are an interior or exterior installation where one wall is reworked with varying paints, textures, paper, or materials into a visual feature.

Why Do You Need One?

In a survey back in 2019 by the National Association of Realtors, an astounding 66% of realtors agreed painting projects enhance value. This was backed by a HomeGain survey that an exterior paint touch-up is critical to bagging 55% ROI, while an interior project can get as much as 107%.

So, maybe justifying the addition of a feature wall is not too far-fetched in this economy!

Curb Appeal

Exterior accent walls can accompany a hardscape, a yard, surround a patio, or even the side of an outdoor pool. Using rockery, lattices, retaining walls, composite panels & outdoor lighting can make the outdoors look like something out of a style magazine – bumping the curb appeal in the process!

Home Valuation

Interior projects can be installed in living rooms & bedrooms – nearly any room of the house – for awe & effect. And suppose the painting contractor did an excellent job. In that case, you can expect up to a 107% bump in ROI upon valuation or property listing.

Personal Aesthetics

If selling the house is not on your agenda, you can opt for a feature wall to spruce up your living space. Repainting projects can breathe life into the sort of dullness you didn’t know was crushing you!

Besides, staring at the same wall can get boring!

Types Of Accent Wall Materials


That’s an obvious one. One can use a paintbrush or a roller for added micro-texture, but the principle remains the same. One wall gets a bolder, dominating color compared to the neutral walls. If you need to update your painting skills, you can do so here!


It is the best option for folks who want texture but can’t part with minimalist tastes. True, it is originally a siding material, but no rule says one can’t get creative with accent textures!

Decor Panels

Well, more like faux wood floor paneling! One can create stunning mosaics using faux wood plaques, panels, and even wood-resin composites.


If you have the bank balance for incorporating actual wood on a wall, then timber is perfect. It brings an earthy and Zen-like ambiance to a space.

Ceramic or Stone Tiles

Need a touch of the Mediterranean? Get tiles. You can opt for border tiles or upgrade the entire wall to pixel-style tiles. You can even find geometric & 3-D textured tiles for a more contemporary wall style.


As we said, there is no rule saying you can’t get creative on an interior feature wall. There are many ways you can incorporate fabric into a wall-drapery of sorts – ask us!

Tips For Creating the Perfect Wall

While anyone can create an accent wall, not all are perfect examples. There are subtle details to keep an eye out for, which is why professional opinion will work in your favor.

Neutral Accents in a Neutral Space

If you’re not into bright patterns or splashes of stencils but still need your centerpiece-wall fix, you can go for a plain color on the selected wall. That works out if you prefer neutral spaces but with some ‘pop’ to enhance the space.

Try Bold, Bolder!

We don’t mean for you to go ‘grab-a-paint-bucket-based-on-the-color-of-the-Skittle-you-just-picked’ level of bold. As long as there is color compatibility across the room’s furniture & decor, you can update your accent wall to whatever colors you like – be they dark, bold, or bright!

Add Textures

Texturing an accent can range from using a paint sponge to 3-D wall tiles. You can experiment with a range of soft-textured to sharp edges for contrast & statement. Textures are optimal in sparsely decorated rooms with neutrals.

DIY Accents Reminders

If you plan to go DIY on this, you will need to keep some sensible & some very odd bits of advice. Nailing the job in the first attempt is crucial to saving yourself hundreds of dollars in a rework from a professional.

Don’t Mismatch Wall Colors

Try to balance colors, avoid a hotchpotch of hues, and ensure the accent & neutral go along with each other. That means a dominant feature wall would balance out with softer neutrals. Example: Steel grey for accent, while beige or off-white goes on neutral.

Consider The House Style

Don’t go banana yellow with bubblegum pink in a condo. Nor attempt bright green in a modular style home unless it looks like it can suit your home, your peace, & your personality. Get a color consult!

Don’t Overload the Wall

Unless you understand basic architecture & load-bearing walls, try not to install stone tile or heavy composites for an accent. The load can compromise your cherished wall. Consult a painting contractor instead!

Use Fabric & Starch

Renters have to bear dull color schemes, courtesy of inconsiderate landlords. But there is a way out of that too. You can use textile fabric as wallpaper & laundry starch as glue – this doesn’t damage the existing wall. Just set up your accent & neutrals, and easily remove them when you move out!

Hire The Right Painting Contractors In Boulder, CO!

The weather is getting steadily optimal for a painting project. And you can add in a beautiful centerpiece of the wall to take your breath away & the breath of every realtor/buyer that will see the job we’ve done!

Noble Painting, ennobling residences across Boulder, CO, are professionals in ambitious residential & commercial painting projects that involve going the extra mile. So, please sample our range of services, and let us know how we can bring your wall decor ideas to life!

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