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How To Inspect For A Quality Paint Job: A 6 Points Checklist

It feels good when you finish painting a room in your house. The satisfaction of looking at your work and knowing it’s complete is unmatched. But did you do a good job? How can you tell? If you are getting your home painted, it is vital to ensure that it is done well. A poor paint job can look terrible and need to be redone. Noble Painting will go over six points that you should check to ensure that the painter did a good job.

6 Points to Check for a Quality Paint Job

A good paint job should be smooth, even, and consistent in color and sheen. If you see any bumps, ridges, drips, runs, or streaks, that’s a sign that the job wasn’t done correctly. Inspect the surface for any areas that look patchy or thin – a good paint job should have an even, consistent finish.

1. Missing Spots

You should check for any missed spots. A good painter will cover every square inch of the surface, but it’s not uncommon for a few places to be missed. Take a close look at all the painted surfaces and look for areas that seem like they might have been skipped.

2. Check Edges and Corners

Next, check the edges and corners. These are often where paint jobs start to show their age, so it’s essential to ensure they’re done right. Look for any drips or uneven lines along the edges and corners.

3. Check Overall Finish

Now move a few steps back and look at the overall surface. Is there an even coat of paint? Are there any areas that look patchy or thin? A good paint job should have an even, consistent finish.

4. Inspect the Surface for Any Bumps or Ridges

If you see any bumps or ridges, that’s a sign that the surface wasn’t properly prepared before painting. It may later cause the paint to peel or chip off.

5. Inspect for Drips, Runs, or Streaks

If you see any of these, it’s a sign that the painter wasn’t careful or didn’t use proper technique.

6. Check to See If the Paint is Consistent in Color And Sheen

Finally, ask yourself if the color is what you expected. If you see any areas that are significantly darker or lighter than the rest, that’s a sign that the paint job wasn’t done correctly. Sometimes a paint job can look great from a distance but be the wrong shade up close. If the color isn’t right, it’s probably best to repaint.

Ending Note

Phew! That was a lot to cover, but if you take your time and scrutinize each of these areas, you’ll be able to tell whether or not a paint job is of good quality. Just remember, if in doubt, always ask for a second opinion. If you’re getting your home painted, it’s essential to ensure the job is done well. Noble Painting serving Wellington, FL, will provide a quality paint job for you. Request a free estimate to get started.