Picking Exterior Paint Color

How To Effectively Choose Fresh Colors For Your Fort Collins Exterior Painting

If you’re living in the Fort Collins area and in dire need of an expert Fort Collins residential painter, look no further than Noble Painting! We are a top rated painting contractor, offering residential and commercial services for both interior and exterior painting projects. As experienced local painters, we know that it can be tough to determine the best color for your home, whether you are considering an interior wall or the entire exterior of your property. Not to mention, choosing wrong means that you’re stuck with a paint job that might decrease the value of your home, that you don’t like, or that doesn’t last as long as it should. If you’ve been considering updating your home with a fresh coat of paint, check out some of the ways that Noble Painting can help you to determine the best exterior paint color for your home.

How To Choose a Paint Color

Everyone has their own personal style and design that they want to apply to their lives. Thinking about having your home painted a serene aquamarine? Well you might want to think again based on some of the most common ways to match paint to your home.

The Architecture

Taking into consideration the style in which your home was built is a key factor in choosing exterior color, although this is one factor that most homeowners overlook. For instance, most Victorian style homeowners wouldn’t choose to paint their houses in bright colors. Instead, many homes built in this style focus instead on accent colors around windows and doors.

Those who have more of a ranch style home will often choose to keep an earthier pallet that allows the home to blend into the countryside and become a part of the landscape. By contrast, most modern homes often use a monochromatic palette with more greys and off whites. In many cases, you will see traditional and modern homes making use of accent colors in order to create a more visually drawing structure.

The Neighborhood and Surroundings

Consider the location of your residence when choosing a new paint color. For instance, if you moved into a new home on a quiet street, you most likely wouldn’t expect the house on the corner to suddenly be painted lemon yellow. You might even consider this an eyesore and consult with your local HOA to amend the issue. Make sure to draw from the colors around you when choosing exterior paints, such as making note of the typical colors in the landscape around you. Additionally, you should consider the other homes in your neighborhood and the overall visual appeal (or lack thereof) of these homes when it comes to painting your own. You should also review any standards that your HOA may have in regards to house painting.

Elements You Can’t Change

Depending on where your house was built and when, there may be a number of elements that you can’t control when it comes to adding home value. There are certain aspects of your home that you may not want to change unless you are undergoing a complete remodel of your home. Whether for structural reasons or cost, certain aspects of your home like the ceilings and any stonework may not be changeable. However, in these cases, you can focus more on drawing the eye to fresh paint and visually appealing decor.

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