Noble Painting’s Top Reasons To Paint Your Fort Collins Home This Spring

Every new season brings a list of things that you need to keep up with around your home, and a whole new list of dangers that could damage your property and decrease value. Changes to temperatures and weather conditions can help to drastically wear away some of the best exterior features of your home, including the roofing and exterior paint. But you don’t need to watch the beauty of your home fade over time; instead, you can practice easy and affordable maintenance and repair techniques in order to keep your home in the best shape possible for years to come.

As a leading Fort Collins painting company, Noble Painting can comfortably say that we deliver a job well done on any project. We encourage our clients to work closely with us on all projects in order to make their dreams come alive. From exterior projects to interior touch ups, Noble Painting has the tools and the expertise to help freshen up your home in no time.

Why A Spring Paint Touch Up

Most of us would admit that we’d like to keep our homes in better shape than we do. But keeping your home in brand new condition for an extended period of time is much easier said than done. In fact, even without pets and children, you’ll find that your home also faces threats from the elements. What’s more, there is little that you can do to keep your home in brand new condition when it comes to changes and wear from the local weather.

You might take good care of the paint of your home, including investing in regular washing for your home exterior. The right paint job can greatly improve the visual appeal and value of your home, but keeping it in great condition to sell is a lot harder than investing in the initial paint job. If you’re curious just what some of the most damaging elements are to your Fort Collins exterior paint, check out some of our top reasons to get an exterior paint touch up in Fort Collins today.

The Sun

This is perhaps the most damaging element to the paint of your home, and one that you can’t do much to avoid. No matter where you are in the world, your home is going to be subject to sun damage, although this may be most prevalent in hotter, sunnier climates. Choosing lighter colors for your home exterior can not only help to keep your home cooler in hot weather, but can help to make paint fading less noticeable over time. Light exterior colors help to reduce heat absorption by up to 35%, which helps to effectively cut down on your energy bills during the spring and summer. Use high quality latex paints for your exteriors to prevent blistering, fading, and cracking.

Rain and Other Precipitation

No one can predict the weather 100% of the time, but chances are you have a good idea of the types of weather that your home may be subject to during the year. Rain, hail, and snow can effectively help to damage the exterior paint of your home over time, as well as causing additional damages to the structure of your property. Just like increased exposure to the sun, rain can help to fade the paint from your exterior surfaces over time. An inferior paint may also allow water to get beneath the paint layer and damage the underlying structure.

Termites & Other Pests

As a homeowner, you know the perils of pests in your home. Some pests, like termites and some species of ants, will make their homes within your own, damaging the underlying structure as much if not more than the visual surface. If you are recovering your home from a pest infestation, you might be thinking about the ways in which you might be able to hide the signs of damage to your home. A quality paint job not only helps to remove previous signs of home damage from termites and other pests, but helps to prevent your home from having these issues in the future by creating a barrier against pests.

Painting Pros in Fort Collins Can Help

You might not be able to make your home weather proof, but there are a lot of things that you can do this spring to help keep your Fort Collins home looking its best, including scheduling an exterior paint job for your home. Contact Noble Painting today at to learn more about our painting experience and how we can help you schedule your next affordable paint project in Fort Collins.

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