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The Ultimate Color Guide For Commercial Building Painting

Color options for a commercial building painting project can seem endless. Should you go with bright tones or stick to neutrals? What kind of finish should you choose? How do you know if white is the right color for your space? Consultation with a specialist is the simplest approach to developing the right color palette for your building. However, employing a trustworthy guide that covers as many areas of commercial painting as feasible is also a good idea.

Noble painting specialists put together this precise color guide for commercial building painting to save you time and trouble. If you’re still undecided, reach out! We’ll provide you with a free estimate and the best solutions and décor ideas for any business painting project.

Factors to consider before painting your commercial building:

Color psychology:

Colors in our environment impact us; they elicit different emotions and create the tone for a business. This is why it’s crucial to think about color psychology when selecting a color palette.

Various colors affect different people, but recent studies have revealed specific universal patterns.

For example, in the marketing field, neutral colors like blue and grey are frequently perceived as professional and trustworthy.

Green is a shade associated with nature and health. It can inspire sensations of peace and progress. Green is an excellent shade for any company that promotes health, relaxation, or fitness.

Bright colors like orange and yellow are associated with inspiration and excitement. It’s bright and cheerful, and it captures the eye.

The black color has long been linked with seriousness and elegance.

On the other hand, white hues are challenging since they convey a clean, minimalist style and a dull appearance.

The first step in creating a professional environment is understanding color psychology and how it may help you reach your company goals.

Structure of your building:

Consider the external style and materials of your structure. The building’s exterior materials determine the appearance and longevity of the paint color.

Painting the orange color on the exterior of a barn and a bank building, for example, has a different look. Because wood requires a different painting procedure than concrete, orange crumbles quicker on wood because of its intrinsic properties.

Loyalty with your brand:

When it comes to developing a unified brand image, color and design consistency are crucial! Most companies already have a logo that tells their clients who they are and what services they offer.

One of the benefits of a familiar external color palette is that it allows clients and visitors to recognize the building quickly.

The correct color scheme will help your commercial building stand out, and it will also help you establish brand awareness and loyalty.

Building’s Surrounding:

Brand colors aren’t the only thing to take into consideration. Color options are restricted in some commercial districts, particularly historic ones. Keep this in mind and follow the district’s architectural and landscaping guidelines.

If no clear guidelines exist, the decision comes down to whether you want the structure to stand out or blend in with its surroundings.

Consider the buildings surrounding office complexes, industrial districts, and parks. If your building is in a small area, go for darker colors to make your commercial building stand out.

A well-kept structure makes a great first impression on clients and consumers. The colors you chose should represent and support the brand’s values.

The professional painters at Noble Painting have the appropriate training and expertise in commercial building painting. They can turn any commercial structure into a work of art. Request a free estimate!