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What Noble Factors You Need To Consider Before Ennobling Your Home’s Paint

If you have been living in the same house for several years or are moving into another home, a fresh coat of paint will be needed. You’ll have to choose how you want to proceed. The decision to go the DIY route or hire a professional painting company depends on several factors like the scope of the job, the timeframe, your budget, etc.

In this article, one of the best-known painting companies in Fort Collins, CO, Noble Painting, shares some critical factors to consider before kicking off your house painting project.

Scope of the Project

When painting your home, take the time to research which service you need for each task. Think about what will be involved and how much it’ll cost before getting started! Think about the entire scope of your project and ask yourself: do you need exterior painting or residential drywall services? Will this job involve remodeling work with restoration on walls?

Project Cost

When deciding to paint your house, you may have a wish list an arm’s length long, but what you can get done depends upon your budget. Painting an entire house, exterior and interior, can be pretty expensive compared to freshening up a few key areas. 

Choosing the Colors

Pick the perfect paint color for your house! The right shades can transform any space into a cozy retreat. The ideal paint colors should enhance the mood and style of your home, not clash or detract from it. Start with an open mind; avoid associations with negative ideas such as ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ colors or certain smells. You can create a favorite place to return by choosing harmonious paint colors that blend seamlessly with the environment.

If you need expert advice, many painting companies will provide free consultations to ensure that you have chosen an appropriate hue from their vast collection of colors.

Paint Quality

The paints you choose must be of excellent quality. It’s an excellent long-term investment to buy the best paint available, which will match your budget. You don’t want to have to repaint your home in a year or two because the paint couldn’t withstand weather changes or your painting technique didn’t work out to be the best.

A professional painter will factor in the cost of paint when determining your estimate. That means you should do too! If a pro quotes $20/sq ft for a certain point, then that’s how much it should be if you want good results. Cheaper paint can lead to more coats needing to be applied and poor coverage. If you choose to paint with a lower grade of titanium oxide; for example, the resulting color could look dull and lifeless.

Consider the Time of the Year

It’s recommended that you wait until summertime to get the most out of your painting job; when temperatures are warmer, and there isn’t as much humidity in late spring or early fall — perfect times for painting home exterior surfaces with oil-based paints! Choose an appropriate time; don’t plan during high moisture periods like monsoon season.

Now, the last critical decision is to do it yourself or hire a professional painting company. If your project in Fort Collins, CO, is for more than a couple of rooms, your best bet will be to engage a professional company like Noble Painting. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Residential Interior Painting, Residential Exterior Painting, Commercial Interior Painting, Commercial Exterior Painting, and Deck/Fence Staining.

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